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Vermiculture in the Classroom Teacher Workshop
October 17, 2015 - $25 - 5 FREE Clock Hours

Learn the basics of worm composting using red worms and how to incorporate these worms in your curriculum. These cool creatures can be used for a number of science, math and literature connections.

Click here for flyer.          Click here to register online.  


 Providing environmental education is an important element of our communication strategy, whether it is for children or adults. SCD has partnered with the Franklin Conservation District to bring the following programs to Spokane-area schools:

  • Wheat Week
  • Water on Wheels
  • Trout in the Classroom

Each program offers hands-on, interactive demonstrations and activities, while teaching the children about the importance of our natural resources, particularly soil and water. Each lesson is offered free of charge to K-12 schools in our area. If you are interested in participating in our education program, please contact Stacey Selcho. Stacey also provides her fun lessons to other groups, such as home-school groups and civil organizations like the Boy & Girl Scouts of America.

We bring our message outside of the classroom and provide citizens with current and pertinent information in a variety of ways, including: our biannual newsletter and other publications, our Web site, and our participation in public events like the Spokane County Interstate Fair, Ag Expo, Southeast County Fair, Water Festival, Farm Fair, Dig It! The Secrets of Soil, and the Spokane Youth Environmental Conference. 

Our other departments are available to speak to various groups as well, such as our Forestry department, which helps many organizations celebrate Arbor and Earth Day with tree plantings. If you are interested in a tree planting, please contact Garth Davis. Our Water Resource and Soil Science departments are also available to speak with your group or present at various functions.


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