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The Farm & Food Expo provides resources and education to small acreage farmers, garden enthusiasts, and foodies: In addition to hearing our Guest Speakers, participants will choose several workshops to advance their knowledge of all things farm, garden, and food. Over 25 classes are offered covering topics like Mushroom Propagation, Hydroponics, Fermenting, Regenerative Agriculture, Probiotic Farming and Herbal Vinegars. Participants also have two days to access the vendor fair.

Early Bird Tickets will go on Sale in September!




The Farm & Food Expo strives to provide relevant, responsive training opportunities for our farmers, gardeners, chefs, and small business owners. If you have expertise in a business or industry, consider teaching for us!
Suggest a topic of interest and tell us what training you need. All proposals are read and reviewed by the Farm & Food Expo Committee.